Digital Tech

Manage what you measure.

Get quality data to inform your decisions. First, we streamline your data capture process. Then we help you evaluate your reports and turn analysis into actionable and practical steps for next season.

Let’s turn your data into next year’s win.

How We Do Things

We are coaches and teachers.

New tech can be time-consuming. We coach you through how to use farming tech to meet your operational needs.

We turn analysis into action.

We’re not interested in data for data’s sake. Instead, we turn key insights into plans for a better season next year.

We prioritize data privacy.

Your data remains yours. We’re committed to privacy and will use your data on your behalf—not on behalf of another big company.

Climate Fieldview

Climate Fieldview is the industry-leading software platform that allows you to look under the hood at how your operation is performing. It’s easy to collect accurate data, share that data, and generate reports so you can turn insights into higher yields.


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